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2012-06-06 08:49 am
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IC Contact

[ There are two lines, each belonging to their respective owners. One, for Doctor Fell, the other for the alias Robert Gremil. Depending on what frequency you have been given you will be directed accordingly:]

[ 1 ] Hello. The party you have called is unavailable at the moment. You've reached Doctor Fell, or [ Alias insert here ] if you prefer. I'd be very happy to take a message, in fact I insist. So please leave your name and number, at the beep.

[ 2 ] Bonjour. This is Robert Gremil. I am sorry I cannot take your call. You know what to do.

[The message is then repeated in French, and in Japanese. Though for those English-speakers who wish to skip over that it'll go directly to voicemail.]
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2012-06-06 08:43 am
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HMD - How's My Driving?

Always looking for improvement and suggestions as to how I've been playing Lecter. Please offer constructive criticism at your leisure. Anon on. IP Logging off. Comments will be screened. 

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2011-12-29 09:30 pm
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2011-06-22 05:23 pm
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Threads in Siren's Pull

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To be formatted and organized eventually. :3

September 3 - Recent activity run-down/OOC  

(Updated: Dec. 3rd, 2011)
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2011-06-19 01:39 am


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