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Player Information

Name: Cinders
Age: 20
AIM SN: Hannibalize
Have you played in an LJ based game before? Yes.
Currently Played Characters: Dr. Seward | [ profile] psyd_seward
Conditional: Activity Check Link: Was on a much needed hiatus during the last AC.

Character Information

Canon Source: Hannibal Pentalogy by Thomas Harris
Canon Format: Film adaption of Hannibal.
Character's Name: Hannibal Lecter.
Character's Age: Jan. 20, 1933. 57
Conditional: If your character is 13 years of age or under, please clarify how they will be played. N/A

What form will your character's NV take?
A nondescript 1990's cell phone with text capabilities.

Character's Canon Abilities:

Lecter's senses border on what can be considered inhuman if not animalistic given their extreme sensitivity—most especially his keen sense of smell. It is noted that he is able to smell trace amounts of blood or semen (residual or from a distance) and identify a person by scent alone. He possesses a far more wiry strength than his age suggests and is impervious to most, if not all, hypnotic drugs.

Lecter's mind
Lecter's preternatural knowledge is a frightening force, his extraordinary intellect having been described on several occasions as “immeasurable by any means known to man.” Indeed, we find him to be highly perceptive to the point where his keen insights can both shock and appall those he comes into contact with, his deductive reasoning skills on par with that of an erudite scholar such as Aristotle or Cicero.

Having a remarkable photographic memory, Lecter is able to remember entire books by glancing at the pages and even entire conversations years after they occur. His mind has a unique expansive quality in which he has organized a “memory palace” where he has access to an enormous amount of information keyed to objects in his thousand rooms. He can, at his leisure, retrieve any such information as it suits him. This palace also appears to be multi-functional, as he can overcome his surroundings by retreating inside it when circumstances become unpleasant or unbearable—a coping mechanism, to some extent. Translated to the tangible world this so-called memory palace equates roughly to the size of the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, rivaling it in both size and complexity.

He can have several unrelated trains of thought simultaneously, as he is apparently capable of operating the separate hemispheres of his brain independent from one another.

*Having worked with the FBI on occasion, Lecter was considered one of the most brilliant forensic psychiatrists of his day, and even after his incarceration was still accepted into scientific journals. He is an excellent surgeon as well.

Extremely cultured in the arts and something of a connoisseur, in addition to his own native tongue of Lithuanian Lecter is fluent in almost seven different languages, including Italian, German, Russian, Polish, French, English and Spanish—being only somewhat capable in Japanese.

Though by no means a superhuman skill it is worth noting that he is both an excellent artist and musician—favoring the piano and harpsichord in particular—his accurate representations of human anatomy in his drawings leading him to earn his internship at John Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland where he graduated with a degree in medicine.

Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them? I think it would be important for Lecter to have a way to blend in with the crowd, even more so than he does normally. Back in his own time he was accustomed to being pursued and condemned by all manner of law enforcement and civilian alike, and as such took extensive measures to ensure his survival by altering his appearance on numerous occasions as well as by inventing entirely new identities for himself.

Therefore, I would like to allow him to be able to invoke a form of “retrograde metamorphosis”, that is to be able to reverse and manipulate his appearance based on his age. He would be able to fine-tune this retrogression over time—as long as the ages he chooses fall into the realm of his memories. Anything beyond the scope of his imagination—particularly before the age of eight or after his current age would not fall under his ability of regression.

Linoleum knife seen in Red Dragon
Spyderco Civilian Pocket Knife
Character History: (Very good outline of his history.)

Point in Canon: Hannibal – Near the end of the film adaptation where he is captured by Mason Verger's goons, thrown into the back of a black panel van and sedated.

Conditional: Brief summary of previous RP history: N/A

Character Personality:
Upon first impression a man like Lecter can lend himself to the mold of high class perfection; his apparent background in aristocracy, exquisite tastes in food, wine, and fashion, and charismatic mannerisms making him an instant darling of high society. Even his dignity of bearing give him a veil of charm that can be rather disarming, leaving the average individual with a false sense of security. In a word, he can also give the illusion of a mentor, having coached Will Graham in building psychological profiles for the FBI case file of Garret Hobs and the Chesapeake Ripper, and having done the same for FBI Agent Starling in her search for Buffalo Bill. He gains their trust as a means of both personal interest and necessity, appearing to take their interests to heart while still keeping a relatively safe cover. This could also be attributed to his own little amusements, except for the instances where he seems to display a degree of geniality.

Inevitably, this is what he wants, or so one would suppose: For to lure one's prey one must feel secure, mustn't they? Although one might allow themselves to be blinded by his cleverly veiled smiles and polite, well-meaning demeanor, upon closer inspection these smiles might offer a different story—beneath this brilliantly crafted facade lies a cold-blooded killer. Like the coiled python waiting for the right moment to strike Dr. Lecter is carefully controlled, ever patient and still like a placidity of an icy lake. With a metallic dynamism capable of persuading a man to kill himself by swallowing his own tongue, he orchestrates a masterful symphony of manipulation with ease.

However, despite his imperturbable nature Hannibal appears to be deeply affected by any display of rudeness, going so far as to bear a grudge towards any who might mistreat or offend him, though at times this extends to others he respects or admires. In Red Dragon Lecter calls Will Graham out on a “discourtesy” and rebukes him, refusing to cooperate unless Investigator Graham makes certain arrangements for him. Again in Silence of the Lambs he happens to demonstrate this when Multiple Miggs, an inmate in his ward at the Baltimore Asylum, whispered obscenities and flung semen at Agent Starling, whom he'd considered a guest at that time; Consequently he later convinced the man to swallow his vile tongue. Discourtesy is ostensibly enough to incur his wrath if not be considered a death sentence should that strike his fancy—though not always.

One might speculate that he is sensitive to criticism, for he has a tendency to lash out in subtle or even petty ways when insulted. In Red Dragon ex-Investigator Graham calls Lecter insane, to which he responds in kind by inspecting the former FBI agent as though he were an ant under a microscope, belittling and attempting to intimidate him. During his trial he refused to plead insanity, but was deemed insane by the courts anyway and sentenced to nine consecutive life terms in the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane.

Although branded as a “pure sociopath” Lecter's general behavior fails to conform to the exact standards of the psychological condition. He in fact appears to be a cultured individual with an alarming intelligence, and a somewhat skewed, but apparent, sense of morality/judgment. For instance he is repulsed by the sexual predator Mason Verger, and does what he thinks is justice by removing undesirable individuals from society.

Many professionals within the Hannibal series were eager to label him with this form of mentality, but in order to be diagnosed as a true sociopath a person must exhibit all three forms of sociopathic tendency as characterized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. Hannibal Lecter is seen to have only exhibited two, but is otherwise described to not fit any existing psychiatric profile or condition. Even the physicians who examined Lecter during his stay at the Baltimore Asylum reported that his brain patterns with inconsistent with those of typical sociopaths. Lecter himself simply labels what he is as “evil”.

The Investigator Will Graham in Red Dragon believed Lecter had a neurological disability akin to a severe congenital deformity but Lecter stated that the nature of his actions could not be reduced to a mere behavioral abnormality. Graham also mentioned that Lecter displayed the earliest sign of sociopathic behavior: sadism towards animals. (Lecter never displays this form of behavior in any of the novels, and was reportedly quite kind to the swans and horses that occupied his home as a child, leading one to believe that this was instead a misconception.)

There are further inconsistencies that suggest him to be exempt from this diagnosis, and unlike others within the same category the years have apparently lended him a few quirks, including a kooky if not ironic and darkly tainted sense of humor, seemingly uncharacteristic of a methodical serial murderer. He seems to be capable of some degree of sympathy—though the extent of his emotions are unknown due to his immunity to psychological testing. Is is noted however that has has no guilt or remorse when it comes to the killing of his victims, for he believes their deaths were well-deserved. It is noted however that he has no guilt or remorse when it comes to the killing of his victims; neither does he seem to have any sense of fear or worry.

There is no consensus in the psychiatric community that Dr. Lecter should be termed a man. He has long been regarded by his professional peers in psychiatry, many of whom fear his acid pen in the professional journals , as something entirely Other. For convenience they term him “monster.”

Conditional: Personality development in previous game: N/A
Character Plans: Start his own little psychiatric practice in the Port; Eat the rude; Be a patron of the arts; Worm his way into high society. Etc.

Among Lecter's chief physical characteristics are his maroon-colored eyes and an extremely rare medical condition on his left hand known as mid-ray duplication polydactyly. His left hand had six fully functional digits, the middle finger being perfectly duplicated. However, he had this removed some time during his escape to avoid recapture. Now, in place of that, is a distinctive scar lining the back of his hand.

He is otherwise noted to be of short stature with a regal bearing befitting “the dark portrait of a Renaissance prince.”

His PB is Anthony Hopkins, who played him in all of the film adaptations.

Writing Samples

First Person Sample
[A soft, dull whisper directed itself into the receiver with a metallic tinge, scratchy as though tired and overused.]

Mason, we do enjoy our little games, don't we? I must say this particular tactic of yours does not quite speak with the same chicanery as our usual correspondence. Your people have shown a surprising amount of courtesy, though why you've chosen to expel me from the States without the pleasure of an escort escapes me. Did your boars catch the flu..? Do tell.

[Converted to text. Encrypted.]Tell me: Did you stow me away here to keep me from the hands of the Bureau? I should think that you have enough henchmen in the Justice Department deep enough in your pockets that you needn't worry about their meddling, as it were. Surely you can't be spooked by a lone FBI agent. Still, one has to admire Agent Starling's nerve.You know as well as I that she was hot on your trail despite her..lacking in direction, last I recall.

I can't help but wonder if you mean to continue our previously scheduled appointment. Why you've chosen now of all times to ship me out of the States during such a critical moment can only mean that you believe your operations to be compromised, and as such mean to keep me here while your lackeys scramble to cover up your miserable failings. I promise I shall look forward to seeing you Mason.

Do tell, H. [/End. Text and Encryption.]

[Somehow, he suspected that this was beyond even the decrepit hands of the scheming Mason due to its irregularity in both thought and pattern, but still the Doctor wasn't worried.

The tiny, nondescript room in which he sat was almost reminiscent of the one he'd left over a decade ago—only this one did not have the lingering smells of festering mold, cold stone, stale sweat, or subterranean air. Instead, these smells were replaced by something else...His nostrils flared, drinking in the mixed scent for a moment before carefully savoring each one individually: coniferous trees, oceanic air, fresh bread from a bakery down the street...Having visited Canadian shores briefly before on his trip back to Baltimore Lecter knew the perpetual chill in the air to be distinct.]

All right then. I'll bite. Would anyone care to direct me to a restaurant known for its fresh seafood? I'm partial to Rockefeller Oysters in particular.

Third Person Sample

The startling loud of the engines from the inside of a sleek, black van and the rattling of restraints muted down to a dull throbbing in his jaw, drowned away by the heavy sedatives fed to him by the needle of the foul-smelling swine herder hovering somewhere above him. His lids drew heavy like canisters of lead, weighted down as though by stone. There he'd drift a while, a pressure where a strap had been tightly cinched squeezing his chest. From the way it pinched at the skin he'd have guessed it to be a 36—it was awfully snug. Almost suffocating, really.

He'd have fought had it done any use, but the massive injection of acepromazine in a critical place left his muscles a vat of jelly, a state of incoherent paralysis as it were. Unforgivingly cold metal bit into his wrists as well, binding him securely down into a makeshift sort of cruciform. His head lulled to one side, tucking to his shoulder as he retreated into the quiet, drawn into the nothingness by the drug.

. . .

The edge of something cool and wet applied to his aching and bruised jaw, causing his eyelids to flutter just slightly. Vaguely aware of movement on the very peripherals of his vision Lecter's pupils dilated as a light was shined into them, and still he found his limbs refused to move.

Had he arrived at the Verger Farmhouse he was certain he would have been hoisted from the van by Mason's hired Sards, legs dangled as if broken over the side until the whole of his body was properly secured in its own makeshift little carrier; the man-dolly had been a favorite of the late Dr. Chilton and psychiatric hospitals in particular. What surprised him the most perhaps was when he felt these restraints loosen, and his body lowered onto what could have been a table or a laid out stretcher.
A blurred shape hovered above him, his nostrils flared as best they could to detect the faint aroma of cheap cologne and barely disguised sweat.

“Hello...Sir? Can you hear me? Sir, you've arrived in Siren's Port.”

He did not appear readily aware of his surroundings despite the attempts at rousing him to a full state of consciousness, his fingertips curling as they gripped at the slightly bloodied pant-legs at his sides.

“We've got a possible medical situation here. Subject is male, caucasian, 170-180 pounds.”

“I assure you, my good fellow, I am in no need of a physician”, he spoke when his lips were no longer numb, and although muffled through his mask, was distinctly clear. His demeanor seemed oddly polite for a man who had just been whisked thousands of miles from his homeland, causing the speaker to hesitate.

“I did not mean to alarm you.” Absurd really, as the poor man was likely still half-comatose, if not sluggish from the drugs in his system. Either way, it had taken him less than three seconds to realize his displacement, and that his keeper was no longer of the pig-breeding variety.

“Are you from the Bureau...? No? Oh, I see.”

This one was jumpy—terribly nervous for someone in a position of authority. He must have been new, though whatever was spooking him could not have been the 'frail-looking' doctor in his current state.

“I suppose you'll want my name then? Very well, let us begin.”


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